Dr. Stoner’s, a local hand crafted Whiskey & Vodka Producer, debuted at Archibald’s on September 28.  The taste is unmistakeable as soon as you take the first sip.

As a fan of hand-crafted spirits, Dr. Craig Stoner began to investigate the possibilities of using special herbal combinations to make completely unique taste sensations. It was not long before his interest and curiosity turned into a passion to make spirits of such unique and fine quality that he would want to put his name, his picture, and his signature on every bottle.  Working with only the finest natural ingredients, he tirelessly attempted to get the right balance of floral, pungent, spicy, fruity, herbaceous, smoky, and unique flavors and aromas.  Countless combinations of herbs and spirits were prepared and tested.  Only when the combinations were just right did Dr. Stoner give his stamp of approval.

Come by Archibald’s and ask for Dr. Stoners Vodka or Whisky and taste what everyone’s talking about.  At Archibald’s, call it ” Sip, Sip, Pass “.

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